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Do More With Less 

Practical and actionable knowledge for B2B marketers and communicators


The pressure is on for B2B marketing and communications leaders to help brands gain market share, drive market value or even grow revenue. And all these with less resources than before.

In our Singapore Master Class – The Professional Series, there are workshops to help marketing professionals create their own strategic and executable plans for their brands.

In this series of small group, highly interactive workshops, you will :

  • Use our exclusive five-step guide to a robust, actionable marketing strategy
  • Learn how to orchestrate and personalize your customers’ journey to drive success for your brands
  • Both marketers and communicators to work as ONE. Use digital marketing technologies and social networks for better business.

Jointly developed and brought to you by Vermilion Marketing of Australia and Pinstripes Communications of Singapore. The owners of both companies are experienced professionals – one in marketing and the other in communications – who have created these workshops based on the needs of the new-age marketing professionals.

Details about the workshops on this site and our Facebook page. Sign up at for the workshops here.